What is Email Marketing Automation: How To Make Sales On Autopilot | M2M Episode 24

Email marketing automation is like having your own robotic sales team. With it, you can automate sales funnels and drip campaigns without ever lifting a finger.

Here’s how it works.

In its simplest form, email marketing services have a feature called “sequences”, “series”, or “auto responders.” They all work in the same way.

When a trigger goes off, a person or group of people are sent through an automated series of emails.

For example, if User A signs up, then they may be sent a welcome email and a few more emails that are designed to nurture the lead.

But email automation isn’t just about setting up a few emails and then watching sales come in. You need a strategy to set up emails that work and follow best practices to increase conversion rates.

In this video, I cover 3 important parts of email marketing and using automated emails to build relationships with your audience.

1. Understanding the intention of the new lead.
2. Creating sales funnels and drip campaigns for that lead.
3. Optimizing your funnels.

I’ll run you through an email marketing automation example that a real estate lawyer/attorney might use to nurture a cold lead and soft-pitch them a sale.

Watch the video and after you’re done, leave a comment and let me know which email marketing service you’re using.

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