Understanding Social Media Marketing 2015

In this informative video, Giselle Aguiar, (http://AZSocialMediaWiz.com), explains how social media, blogging and SEO work together and gives a brief overview of each of the major networks.
Social Media is here to stay! Resistance is futile! Isn’t it about time you took it seriously?

You’ve got a choice to make – continue to ignore social media hoping it will go away – which will lead to failure – that’s unacceptable. You can hire someone, who knows how to market on social media – not just post on Facebook – like us – to do it for you – if you can afford it. OR learn how to do it yourself or train a staff member.

We hold a social media marketing boot camp which is 5 – 3 hour, sessions. You’ll come out with everything you need to know to take control of your social media marketing – from defining your target market, getting SEO with the right keywords, content marketing & blogging, marketing on the 6 major networks, to setting up your business pages and profiles. You’ll get templates for both strategic and tactical marketing plans. Plus the tools, tips and tricks to grow your following then manage your social media in 30 minutes a day! I’ll guide you through everything.

I update each class the day before so you have the latest data and information on the networks. – you can’t get that with books or packaged online classes that obsolete the moment they are published.

Learn how to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, & YouTube for lead generation, to increase website traffic & brand awareness, establish you as an expert in your field, gain exposure, build a following, SEO & reduce marketing costs.

So visit our website – http://AZSocialMediaWiz.com to download your free Define Your Target Market Workbook and check out the schedule of classes. If you’re not sure how you should proceed or have questions, schedule a free 30-minute phone consult and analysis of your social media efforts on our home page. Please subscribe to our channel, follow us, and if you found this video informative, like it and share it with your friends.

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