It is impossible to deny that in the world of marine website graphic design, things are always changing. After all, with technology changing at an astronomical pace, it is only natural that marine and boating websites evolve right alongside it. This leads to a big question. How exactly has graphic design changed for the better for web design in recent years?

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Graphic design has never been more simple
Thanks to all the new design software programs, advancements in printing, and even graphic tablets, it has never been easier to create bold designs that definitely catch the attention of everyone who sees them.

It is a much quicker process
Despite the huge array of options available, marine graphic design does not take anywhere near as long as it used to. This is largely thanks to software programs that are consistently updated and feature new and unexpected options for designers to use. In addition, today’s graphic designer can turn to a tablet to help them bring their ideas to live instead of having to use a mouse to do all the work.

High quality is definitely the name of the game
Today, technology allows us to create unique, bold designs by blending inks together, as well as using more materials than we ever dreamed of it in the past to produce amazing graphic designs. In fact, it is not unusual for designers to create pieces of art that literally jump off the page and capture a viewer’s attention – good example of this type can be found here

Thanks to responsive designs, designers have it much easier than they did in the past.
Again, this saves time and effort, allowing designers to focus their attention on other important projects.

One can hardly tell Google’s success stories for the past 15 years without remembering the historic contributions of one of its dedicated workers Matt Cutts. Born in the year 1973, Cutts until recently was the leader of the web spam team of the company. He worked as the leader in the quality team at the company about search engine optimization.

He was a graduate in computer science and mathematics. He obtained Bachelor’s degree in this speciality in 1995 from the University of Kentucky. He got his master’s degree three years later from University of North Carolina.

Before he started at Google, he had worked with the Search, it was at the time he was working on his PhD project. He, however, joined Google in early 2000 as engineer in charge of their software. He was posted to another department in 2007 after he has notified the company that his area of specialization was computer science. He was shifted to the information retrieval section and later to the search engines section, but that was after he took a course at the information and library department of the university.

Before he was posted to the Search Quality department, he was in the engineering group where he was in charge of ads and at Safe Search, which he personally designed. This group was in charge of Google filtering.

He vigorously defended the downgrading of Page Rank, which was the Google Chrome homepage. He said that it was not given a special dispensation. He made this vigorous defense when his company was accused of violating its own policies.

matt cutts at the google team

Perhaps his greatest contributions to the development of Google were in web spam and search engines. He was named as one of the co investors of Google patent as it relates to web spam and to search engines. His contribution to this area was such renowned that the Wall Street Journal said in 2006 that Cutts was the same thing in search results world what Alan Greenspan represented in the world of interest rates. He has issued several statement as well as useful advices, which has helped people and the company on issues relating to search engine and the SEO.

Cutts issued a statement in mid 2014 that he was taking a few months leave off his job to spend short times with his family members and to try other things as well such as the half iron man race and so on. He has not returned to the company after spending his months on leave. There are speculations making round that he may have decided to leave the company after 15 years with the company. While joining Google, he has promised his company that he would spend only four to five years with the company and join the family in their business after that.

Whether he is coming back to the company after spending some months or he is retiring from the company, the facts remain that he has made significant contributions to the development of the company, especially in the areas of search engine optimization.
He said that he would observe how the Google web spam would do without him in the saddle. If the web spam and SEO would do well without him, which he had hoped for, he may decide not to come back to the group.

There is a number thing, which he would be remembered for while in the company. The first job he did for the company was filtering porn. He was helped a lot by cookies baked by his wife. He helped people who want to find porn on any server with the cookie baked by his wife. The cookies were such successful that it was called porn cookies. He pioneered the move, which was later adopted by other groups.

One quality that set him apart was that he was proactive. He was passionate about his work that when spam was the major challenge confronting Google he had to approach the head of the engineering team for a permission to find the lasting solution to the problem. The request was granted and within a short time, the issue of spam was a forgone issue in the company. Just as he was passionate about web spam, as an SEO expert he was passionate about different the many faces and forms of SEO.

He so much believed in the conventional wisdom and that perhaps set him apart from the crowd. He was always looking for an opportunity to create a great difference and he always utilized that opportunity anytime it presents itself. For many years, Google search engine relied on a big iron or an expensive machine. Through his efforts, he helped the company to develop a cheap hardware for its search engine optimization. The company now was able to grow different hardware at cheaper prices. It does not mean that Google succeeded for the past decade, because of cheap and effective software. As far as he was concerned, the success of the company could be attributed to spanners, map reduces and so on. The company has innovated a lot in the past decade and experts employed by the company made great contributions.

Google developed the brain. This was the first device that relied on a deep and neutral network to watch YouTube videos. Using the same technology, better recognition for words for android phones and other devices was built. This has led to the reduction of error rates. He worked along with other Google team to advance the technology to a level where Google could easily recognize such pictures as snow, sea, and palm trees, Yosemite, buildings, waterfall and so on.

Matt was incredibly popular among many SEOs such as SEO Bristol UK companies, SEO Briton and other SEOs around the world. So many people across the world liked the search engine optimization, which he created when he was with Google. He made a tremendous contribution to the development of search engine and web spam such that Google publishers would always remember his contributions. The world of search engine optimization would also have his name as reference point anytime SEO is discussed around the world.