Top 5 Video SEO Tips and Strategies Video SEO Tips in this video are broken down into a simple, easy to understand and implement style. Video SEO is a crucial component of your overall Video Marketing strategy as it will determine how well your videos rank on Google and YouTube, you video traffic views as well as the number of laser targeted leads and prospects that you get.

The great myth is that Video SEO is difficult to understand and implement and that it requires a high level of knowledge and experience.

This is simply not true and in this video, I will give you the 5 step foundation for your Video SEO that is incredibly easy to follow and do yourself.

Once you have done Video SEO several rimes for your online videos – you will be an expert at it and it will be second nature.

Video SEO Tip 1: Pick your keywords carefully and strategically – the starting point should be from your customers perspective – what would they type into Google or YouTube to find you? This is where you should begin all of your keyword research.
The next step is to head over to the Google Keyword tool:
and check to see whether your chosen keyword is actually being searched, but does not have a search volume that is far too high and would make it almost impossible for your video to get found.
The sweet spot is around 5,000-50,000 searches per month

Video SEO Tip 2: Use the Keyword in the Title of your video and try to leverage this by using it twice in your title – in a way that makes sense and does not look like it has been stuffed in there

Video SEO Tip 3: Use the main keyword in your tags. You also want to use keywords that are related to the main keyword and you can easily find this by utilizing the Google keyword search tool.
BONUS TIP: Check out some videos that are similar to yours and are ranking well and look at what keywords they are using in their tags.

Video SEO Tip 4: Utilize the description field to its full potential – starting off with a hyperlink to your site or the domain that you want your viewers to go to – for example –
And then fill it out with as much valuable information and use your keyword and related keywords several times. You can also addd your transcript in here as well.

Video SEO Tip 5: get a transcript of your video – there are numerous cheap options for getting this done and it will go a long way in improving your video seo and setting up a good foundation.
Another BONUS Video SEO tip is that you can take this transcript and use it in many other ways such as blog post, adding it to the description of your video, articles, and social media status update postings.

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