The Scoop on Using Bots for Social Media Marketing

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Let’s dive into bots for social media marketing. We’ll start with a little bit about bots and policy violations then move to their applications.
• Black Hat Marketing: It’s important to start this Brain Boost by disclosing that, often times, using bots for social media marketing violates the policies of platforms like Twitter and Instagram. There are some kinds of bots invited to participate in the network, but generally, any bot that “pushes” interaction onto users is outside of platform policy, and therefor can result in warnings or account bans. In practice, the platforms don’t always police bots effectively.
• Easy Bots: The easiest bots to deploy are those like Roboliker ( These bots basically follow a search query that you design and “like” content related to that search from your account. The result is that, often, you attract followers who legitimately share interest in topics related to your search query. We’ve tested Roboliker here at Eazl and it was pretty effective. Note that this kind of bot is officially OUTSIDE of platform policy.
• More Sophisticated Bots: One way to approach bots is to blend something like Google Sheets with a social media platform’s API. By developing in the backend of your Google Sheet (you’ll be developing in Javascript), you can automate recurring actions that pull data from the platform, “massage” it in some way, and then take actions on the result. More on this to come!

How have you used bots to market on Social Media?

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