The Garrison of Goodwill (email marketing strategies) – Affiliate COmmand 2017 lives here

As you know I have been talking a lot about Affiliate COmmand 2017 lately. But did you know that it also comes with a slew of bonuses?

Yup. Sure does.

As a matter of fact I just added another one today called The Garrison of Goodwill: 410 Emails to Educate, Entertain, and Warm Up Your Email LIst.

Yesterday I added one called CONTENT FUEL: How to turn stupidity into money

Both of those come with PLR rights for the Affiliate COmmanders.

I’ll be adding another launch week bonus tomorrow but in edition to those launch week bonuses the people who pick up Affiliate COmmand 2017 also get:

– Parabolic COntent ENgine ()- How to create content quickly, effieciently and get it shared regularly!

– Membership Dons ()- How to win with Membership Sites

– Crash the Party ()- 120 Hacks to build an audience and dominate on YouTube

– Legal Pages Generator (.97) – software that will build your legal pages for you (super helpful)

– Affiliate Rising ()- How to Earn Your First 1k with Affiliate Marketing

– The Offer Kings () – 10 Ways to Re-Frame ANY Affiliate Offer!

– 11 Weeks of Group Coaching (7) – We’ll be doing Group coaching for all the Affiliate Command students for the next 11 weeks inside a private facebook group. A webinar a week and the replays will live on the Affiliate COmmand 2017 download page.

That’s an additional 33.97 of value that you will be getting inside Affiliate COmmand 2017! Those aren’t overblown figures either, go check my products they are all for sale.

Look, this 7 offer will be good for the rest of today and then Monday. That’s it.

After that I’m taking this course to 7 and I am going to use it in my sales funnel for future launches. You will NEVER see it at this price again.


So if you’re on the fence with this one I can understand that. It might seem like a little bit of money. Truthfully it’s about .54 cents a day over the course of a year.

Would you be willing to invest .54 cents a day for 1 year to get your online business started?

I would…and have.

Now it’s your move…

Kam Jennings (aka ZeroFatz)

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