SEO Training Course:How to Develop Multiple Domain SEO Strategy

Here comes our next SEO Training Course where you will learn to create a multiple domain SEO strategy.

1. Building Microsites. Your Microsite should serve some kind of purpose and actually help your users. It shouldn’t just plug your product or service.

2. 301 redirects.

Get the Domains

In order to build a multiple domain strategy, you need to get the domains first.

1. There are 3 methods you can use

a. Create New Domains
b. Buy expired domains
c. Buy existing domains

Once you have a purpose, go to to help
come up with a name.

Here are the few tips which can be considered

1. Use an original URL name
2. Aim for address

Option 2: Buy expired domains

Check the site’s DA/PA

To check a site DA and PA, go to Moz Open Site Explorer

Check the site link profile

Investigate the site rankings: Ideally the domain you
are looking at should rank well for your focus keyword
( Long-Tail Version)

Use SEMrush for this is a great place to look

Buy existing domains

You can use to find out who owns the site or make an offer for any domain.

Optimize your microsite:

Your sites need to have great content in order to stand out from everyone else.

Publish Long Form Content, go into deep detail with what
they publish.

Work on some fundamental SEO

Technical SEO:

1. Site Speed
2. Mobile Optimization
3. Sitemaps
4. Error correction ( eg: redirects that don’t work)

On-Page SEO

1. Title and Meta Tags
2. Keyword Optimization
3. Reader-friendly content
4. Fresh Content

Off-Page SEO

1. Getting Backlinks
2. Social Bookmarking

Set up your 301 Redirect

Access to your site .htaccess file
You can do this by opening your file manager ( provided by your web host)

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