Nimbus Review and Tutorial. This SEO tool will bring you more rankings, clients and money

Nimbus Review and Tutorial

Nimbus is a brand new SEO Game-changer tool. Alex Cass, the creator uses Nimbus to bring n 0K per month! Now, I know that does not mean you or I can do the same, but he is a well-known go to guy in the field and someone I respect.

The main goal of Nimbus is to allow you to rank for REAL buyer-intent keywords, that are specific to each Industry (YouTube, eCom, Digital Products or Local SEO), with the assistance of Nimbus’ Artificial Intelligent SEO Assistant “N”, that will help you map out a brilliant and simple “do this, then that” SEO Strategy to get the traffic to a specific niche. Bit like IFTTT in that respect 🙂

All Nimbus requires is a browser on ANY device and an Internet Connection to deliver and save your SEO Research. Simply access your browser of choice, enter the keywords you want to rank for, and Nimbus does the rest, from any mobile device. No software or app installation required which is always nice.

Nimbus Review and Tutorial.

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