Marketing strategy to reach 1,000,000 people with SEO

Cutting edge SEO & social media growth hacking strategies to reach 1,000,000 with this digital online marketing course

What Will I Learn?
– Become great at marketing
– Learn SEO marketing
– Learn top social media marketing strategies
– Learn effective offline marketing strategies
– You will have the tools to reach 1,000,000 people with your marketing
– You will understand which marketing strategies work, and which don’t
– You will be able to create a great marketing strategy for your business
– You will learn how to get publicity and press coverage
– Personal help from the instructor if you have specific questions
– You will have great marketing fundamentals
– Learn to get publicity for your business
– Learn to get links for SEO better than a marketing agency would do it for you
– Learn offline marketing strategies that are still effective
– Get a tremendous amount of exposure for your business
– Increase sales conversion after people come to your site
– Make much more money from the increased traffic and increased sales conversion rate

LATEST: Course Updated On February, 2017 To Include The Following Lectures:

– Case studies of different companies & how they reached 1,000,000 users

– How to make cornerstone SEO pages that rank

– Lecture on how to write better headlines that increase click-through rates

– Full section on how to promote Amazon/Kindle books and become a best seller

– SEO strategies to make almost any page rank in top-10

– Improved audio/video quality for almost all lectures

– Interview-based case study of how one client got millions of website visitors from publicity


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