Marketing Minute 019: “Three-Path Engagement” (Social Media Marketing) #MarketingMinute

The presentation of your social media content has several engagement options:

One-path engagement is when you present content, but no one engages with it. They might view or listen to it, but they don’t share it with others or respond to you or provide feedback (such as likes, dislikes, etc.).

Two-path engagement is when you present content, and viewers do engage. Unfortunately, many marketers seem to think that this is the end-goal of social media marketing: receiving comments or shares or feedback on their social media content.

What you really want, however, is three-path engagement. Three-path engagement is when you present content, viewers engage, and then you interact with your engaged viewers.

This type of engagement builds connections that are based on multiple message communications. These types of connections can grow into meaningful relationships between you and your various social media audiences.

So present meaningful content, acknowledge audience engagement, and then interact with engaged audience members to start building meaningful relationships.

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One-path engagement: We present content (nobody engages)
Two-path engagement: We present content and viewers engage.
Three-path engagement: We present content; viewers engage; we interact with engaged viewers.

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