Levering HVAC – Website and SEO Strategy

Custom video to show a local HVAC contractor how they can:
1. Add content to their site so they can start ranking better for both their money keywords and other variations and longer tails. This strategy will help them generate more traffic to their website.
2. Simple tweaks to the website – such as adding “Call to Action” on the Home page, making the phone number “tap to call” so customers can easily call them from a mobile phone etc. This strategy will give them a better conversion on their organic traffic.
3. Showing that the website trust (based on back links) and citations is weak and how changing that can dramatically improve organic rankings.

SEO provides the highest ROI as it builds long-term equity. While with PPC you pay for traffic (and unless they call you or submit a form, they don’t even become a lead), good SEO can keep you ranking for months or even years, and getting you organic traffic month after month.

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