Launching My Seo And Social Media Agency – 2017’s 7 Figure Strategy

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What’s up guys Dewan here!

November 21st the Monday before Black Friday. For those of us in the ecom world this is one of the busiest weeks for us leading up to before the holidays What I wanted to film a video about today is the seven-figure plan for 2017 and what I’ve been working on behind the scenes.

I know many of you that were in my facebook group have seen the announcement that I’ve actually launching a an agency to help help people scale their message.

it’s definitely been interesting 2016 for me taking along a lot of offline clients and really helping them build their their portfolios online focusing on things like PPC and SEO and that’s
why I’ve been kinda quiet on the business front.

I’ve made quite a killing this year if I’m you know without bragging about it but the reason why didn’t want to talk about it offline or sorry online is because I just wanted to make it relevant and prove i could do it offline without having to deal with people online.So what this agency really means is i’ll be selling every single one of you hopefully to join our agency and for me to represent you guys.

I tried to figure out how to position myself my business that I can help those A players really scale their message. There are some people out there that are incredibly talented whatever they’re doing but the marketing is still challenging for them so that’s why
agency comes in and has been kinda coming in where I just let people do what they do best which is share their content.

They may be a personal trainer that is super involved in helping people with their health and let’s just leave it to me to do the marketing and literally I want to get paid to make people rich for 2017 and with everything in place that I have now 2017 is going to be an absolute rocket ship.

I’ve got a great team in place now to help me out, and most of my my successes offline have have been replicated multiple times things like YouTube rankings, SEO on websites, funnel optimization the whole nine so I’m actually super excited to get moving on it again i will be
publicly launching it in 2017 but our goal is to do a million dollars in sales.

The framework is there i’ll put it that way I mean it really comes down to only happen to have 17 clients at five thousand dollars and that to make it happen and if you’re paying me
five grand my goal is to make you 20.

I’ve already put it into information I’ve got a couple guys that
I’m working with right now that it’s definitely happened and pretty
excited about it so I’m going to be owning an agency moving forward and marketing agency so again primarily on SEO and PPC .

They’re also going to be turning me loose as a client as well so
i’m going to be smashing the internet marketing / affiliate world.The dude where’s my wallet concept hasn’t gone at all but i’ll be implementing that within my own business so that i’m actually acting as my own client.

Really in 2017 I just want to demolish the internet marketing community and I’m be the go-to guy i’ve seen a lot of people kind of come and go in the industry and thank God that I’ve
continued to build my business offline instead of just online like a lot of the other guys that have kind of come and gone.

I’ve got so many connections now and and thanks you guys a lot of trust and and you know we really built a really great community and platform but now it’s time for me to really come out on my own and and make things happen.

For those of you that are interested in working with me directly just sent me an e-mail I’ll have a bit of a better funnel set up in the next couple couple weeks as i as i start implementing it but the game plan is let me take care of all of your marketing let me help you get your message out there.

But you’ve got to be in A player somebody that’s already out there winning and and I’m there to scale you.So if you pay me five grand a month I’m gonna be making you 20 and it’s just going to be this fun game of me making you rich and getting paid for it.

I’m beyond stoked for the stuff that we’ve been cooking up. First page ranking on youtube back-to-back-to-back-to-back videos and the SEO stuff ive been learning.

I’ve got one of the best SEO mentors on the planet help me out right now so it’s gonna be a complete package everything from being able to create your ideal product to actually getting about their even if you don’t want to do paid ads there are still ways around it.

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