How to Use Online Reviews in Your SEO Strategy

Stack up the reviews…

Once you have a range of reviews, look for an opportunity to use them to your advantage. Create some statistics. Paraphrase some quotes and work out where you can use them in your marketing campaign. It could be the new tagline to your header on your website or could be used in your next print marketing campaign.

If you’re struggling to get reviews, perhaps consider running a social media competition and offer a prize. You can even manipulate the results by asking your customers to ‘tell us what you [they] love’ about your product or service.

This way you will have maybe 100 quotes from customers saying ‘I love… because…’. What a great way to collect data and also collect lots of quotes to use in the future.

If you have faith in your product/ service and know you offer your customer’s quality and value, implementing online reviews will be a great way to not only gain customers but to become far more visible through the search engines.

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