How To Send Email Marketing Campaigns With Amazon SES

EasySendy Pro is a fully-featured email marketing application to enhance and further your business development so that you can manage your email campaigns, lists, create/modify the templates you want, track and follow-up on your campaigns and have website tools at your disposal if you have your website.

Your area is private, and your lists, campaigns, and personal templates are not shared whatsoever. Below is a summary of the main features of EasySendy Pro and this document will show you how to use these features.

You can easily connect a SMTP relay delivery servers with EasySendy Pro account. Currently, we support Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, MailGun and 10+ SMTP integration.
Option for configuring a delivery server with EasySendy Pro account is available from the left menu, click “Delivery Servers”, “Server Settings”, followed by this, select delivery server of your choice which you want to configure.

For more information check our website:
And you can also use Amazon SES Integration Guide to integrate with Easysendy Pro:

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