How to REGISTER Your Social Media Marketing Agency the CHEAP Way

How to register your Social Media Marketing Agency the CHEAP way.
Here are the 10 simple steps with links to the files for California.

1. name your LLC. (check if your name is taken in the link below)
2. Choose a Registered Agent. (This can be you for now)
3. File the Articles of Organization.
4. Create an Operating Agreement. (If just yourself this is still necessary).
5. File a Statement of Information
6. Obtain an EIN from IRS.
7. Separate Personal Assets from the LLC by starting a bank account only for the business. Take your Articles of Organization & your companies EIN number to set one up.
8. Accounting
9. Register Your LLC for California State Tax and pay the 0 fee (check to see if you are exempt from this from the day you incorporated).
10. Get appropriate license (Hit the link below, but I suggest calling your city.)

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My Agency. FutureLink Media Profiles.

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