Grow your channel! SEO strategy for small youtubers! (Grow Your Channel series, part I)

Grow your channel! SEO strategy for small youtubers! (Grow Your Channel series, part I)

I have dozens of music videos appearing on the first page in search results. That contributes to my channel growing and getting views even if I don’t promote it. Want to know how?

Today we’ll talk about SEO and what it can do for your small music channel, and small channels in general.

SEO means Search engine optimization. It’s the art, or science, of optimizing your video keywords, tags, title and description so Youtube’s search engine can find it as search result. Here’s a few tips and tricks for your small channel – and specially your small music channel – to get more visibility – more views – using search engine optimization strategies. Thanks to strategies I’ll show you in this video, my channel’s view count and subscribers count both got a huge boost.

Keywords – you should always look for popular keywords that are related to your content and use them in your title, in your description, in your tags etc. Let the search bar suggest keywords for you!

Tags – use your most important keywords as your first tags, and if possible all of your tags should be keywords. Again, use Youtube’s search engine to refine your choices.

Titles – Your most important keywords should always be on the title, and should be placed at the beginning of the title for best results.

Description – again, it should begin with your primary/secondary keywords and include as many keywords from your tags as possible. My strategy here is simple and you can see it in most of my videos: I repeat my title in the beginning of the video description. If the song was a cover and has lyrics, I would include the name of the artist I was covering and would post the lyrics.

Translations – Include translations and subtitles if you can, because the search engine can find them. This is specially effective for vlog posts but also for covers – you post the lyrics in the subtitles, and translations of them if you can. Youtube has a built-in subtitles editor that is very powerful and pretty easy to use. Subtitles and translations enable a whole new audience to enjoy your content, which is also a great way to grow your channel.

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