Foundation for Responsive Web Design Tutorial – 1 – Getting Started

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  1. Good vid thanks, why would I use Foundation rather than Bootstrap?


  2. You upload like a million videos in one go 😀 lol


  3. I also through: what’s the difference beteren bootstrap and foundation?


  4. How can i correctly install IntelliJ to setup with foundation? Is there a
    video about it I just cant find? Im gonna follow this series tthough! Good
    Job Bucky!


  5. I dont have enough words to thank you about ALL this, im watching more than
    5 different tutorials from you, and i need to say im learning more stuff
    here than in my school, thanks a lot bro, really thanks, someday i will
    send you money. Also, if you could give me 5 tips to start as a free lancer
    from scratch, whay could you say to me?


  6. This is what I’m using at job right now. It’s not as great or as supported
    as Bootstrap, which is what makes it a pain in the ass sometimes.


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