Email Marketing For Musicians: Why I Chose GetResponse

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About a year and a half ago I switched over to GetResponse from Aweber to manage my email marketing. Aweber served my well for many years but GetResponse had some handy fan base building features that Aweber did not.

First, they offer landing pages. For me this was great because they made it easy to whip up a page for a one-off campaign rather than have to mess with tweaking my website. They have a ton of templates to choose from so you can tweak a few lines of text, swap out the photo and bam, you have a landing page. (note: this is super if you want to tart building you email list but do not have a website or your website is outdated and not so mobile friendly).

Second, during my trial I noticed they had 24/7 live chat. This is awesome because when I get stuck or just needed a quick answer I could get help right then and continue working. I didn’t have to stop to hunt through an FAQ, do a Google search or send out an email to support and wait a day or two for an answer.

Third, their autoresponder interface was very visual. By that I mean, you could drag and drop your messages around on a calender rather then “visualize” them. This just made it easy to schedule things.

Their templates for sign-up forms and email newsletters are very nice looking and easy to customize. They also have some cool features that I have yet to use like surveys and webinars (soon I hope to experiment with using a performance as a webinar. That could be pretty cool).

For new users they have a very slick email training program. Each day they take you step by step through short video lessons on setting up your account, writing effective messages, creating sign-up forms all the way up to promoting your list and getting more email subscribers.

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Click here for more on info on email marketing for musicians and see how I set up my email list to make money with music.

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