Content Marketing and SEO

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What is content marketing?
What is SEO? I answer these questions in this video. It’s the way I see things at the moment in terms of what is important.

My summary and thoughts on SEO and Marketing

We know that Google is the largest search engine in the world.

We also know that people use specific phrases, also known as keywords, to find the information they are looking for.

Google’s Business

Google tries to marry the the users question or queries with what is available on the internet. How does Google know which websites to serve to the user?

Well, Google has powerful computers that visit every site and page created almost on a daily basis. Google records the content we have on the site, the number of visitors we have, what terms people searched, what people liked, pages people stayed on longer etc etc. Google then decides, using programed logic, what the relevance to the users are. Google then gives every page on the internet a ranking based on these factors and keywords.

Content Marketing

Content is important because the content tells Google what we offer. People can find us using specific search terms.

Therefore, the SEO on any website is a combination of the technical base elements, like meta data, and content that we produce every day, week, month etc etc.

Putting SEO and Content Marketing Together

I see SEO as the foundation of what a business is about. Giving that information to Google in Meta data is the 1st step. The content we place on top of that foundation determines how Google and the users feel about what we do and if we are delivering on our promise as a business.

In conclusion, we need to be using keywords in all our content published anywhere online.

If we do not know how to find the keywords relevant to our business, or are not sure what content to write about, then I can help with that too.

I hope this explains SEO and content marketing a little.

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