Casey Winters fmr growth Pinterest on using SEO & landing pg strategy to capture free search traffic


Jam Session! @onecaseman fmr growth @Pinterest on using SEO & landing page strategy to capture free search traffic-@jason-THX @ScottEdWalker

Jason “jams out” a number of marketing and growth tips with founders in this special “Jam Session” episode of This Week in Startups. Casey Winters is a growth advisor and was previously Growth Product Lead at Pinterest and GrubHub. He explains how to use landing pages to capture all of the free search traffic that you may be missing out on. Sue Kwon, Head of Communications at Honor, draws parallels from her experience of working in a tv newsroom to what founders go through having to quickly tell their story with little money and time. Then, David McIntosh, CEO and co-founder at Tenor, talks about growth, specifically about making decisions that compound exponentially instead of slow linear growth.

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