Build, Scale and Sell a Web-Design Business with Brent Weaver

In this Interview with Brent Weaver we discuss:

How he got his start in the web design business at the age at 15
Starting a business with a relationship vs internet marketing
Building up and selling a 14 person web design agency
Flipping the switch between project based fees to retainer based fees
Switching from selling web design vs selling strategy and marketing services
Selling the BIG PICTURE not just products and services
Teaching clients about list building, and conversion rate optimization
How to scale up your business and charge 10k at a minimum per project
How to easily and more value added recurring revenue to your web design business
How to easily weed out clients that aren’t a good fit
Why you need to stop pitching your prospects and qualify your clients to see if THEY are a good fit first
What questions to ask to weed out clients that are a bad fit
How to level up your web projects from 2k to 10k
Creating an Asset that you can walk away from vs creating a profession
How to bundle, package and sell high ticket retainer based service
Scaling a web design business through acquisition at rock bottom prices
Fee based pricing vs value based pricing

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