Best SEO Shortcut Trick in 2016 to Improve Your Website Rankings

Looking for the Best SEO shortcut trick to improve your sites rankings?

We’d refer to this SEO strategy as how you can identify the low hanging SEO fruit on your website or your client websites, so you can get some quick gains.

Basically what we are looking to do is find those keywords your pages are ranking for that are outside the top 10 listings in the organic results. So this strategy allows you to easily identify those pages where you are ranking on page 2 of Google, so you can then optimise those pages to get to page 1 of Google.

We also show you how you can email 3 weekly reports to highlight all of this, so you and your team can stay up to date on what keywords you are ranking for.

In particular, you and your content team can identify pockets of SEO keyword opportunity to focus on, so you can work the long tail and achieve a number of page 1 rankings.

Is this SEO strategy drag and drop easy? No. You still need to do the work and make sure your on-page factors are in place, but it is bound to provide some fantastic quick wins for you and your company.

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