B2B Email Marketing Dont Call it an Email Campaign Promote Something Unique


Can email marketing work in a business-to-business (B2B) environment? Yes, it can. However, there is a fine line between that email campaign being viewed as a value-added service and nothing more than spam.

This video provides insight into five strategies you need to employ in order to make your B2B email marketing campaign unique and different from all the rest.

Today’s business professional is inundated with emails. Every day they come to work, they nave a number of internal emails from coworkers and external emails from customers. If they haven’t agreed to read your email campaign, or if they haven’t agreed to receive it, then you are guaranteed that they will jettison your email campaign into their SPAM folder.

This video explains the five essentials of B2B email marketing

1.) Customers must Opt-In or Buy-In to the email campaign – they have to want to receive the message.

2.) Start your campaign with your most loyal customers. These are the ones most likely to buy in or opt in to your email campaign. They are also the first ones who should have a chance to take advantage of any discounts, price reductions and or liquidations.

3.) Don’t call it an email campaign. Call it whatever you want with co-workers, but when it comes to speaking with corporate customers, don’t bring up that you want to include them on a newsletter or email campaign.

4) Focus on building loyalty and CTR. Your existing customers are your beta list. They are the ones you use to test different fonts, texts, images and links on your email campaign.

5.) Once you’ve optimized your CTR, and your campaign, then take it live and tailor your campaign to specific decision makers.

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  1. Well done Ian some good points in this video.


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