4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important and The Life Blood of Bloggers

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4 reasons why email marketing is important and the life blood of a successful blog/website!

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Why email is important:

#1. Platforms are fickle.

Facebook changed their algorithm some time ago, and it screwed over a lot of bloggers. They were driving lots of traffic, and Facebook wanted more ad revenue, so they screwed over people getting free traffic to their website.

The point is: You do not control social media platforms or even the traffic to your website. They do.

#2. Nobody can take your email list away.

This is why the email list is almighty. When you build up a list of names and email addresses of people who enjoy your content and hearing from you, it’s 100% yours.

Even if Pinterest deleted our account tomorrow by accident, Avocadu would still survive and do well. Why? Because we have an email list of over 33,000 people who love our content and hearing from us.

In the game of content creation, a list is the only true asset you control and is something you can continue to build every year you are in business.

#3. Email lists build trust with your audience.

If people don’t trust you, it’s not going to matter how cool your product is or what it can do for them. They’re not going to buy from you.

Trust is everything.

It’s why Amazon reviews are so important.

It’s why testimonials on product pages matter so much.

Email lists allow you to build more trust with your audience and really learn what your audience wants and needs.

It allows you to regularly contact people and stay fresh in their mind as life’s many distractions get in the way.

#4. The money is in the list.

The majority of our sales will come from your list.

Just look at the sales from our yoga and weight loss emails, and you will see that we convert clicks WAY better via emails than articles.
It’s not that you should not have your product on your homepage. That also helps. It’s just that the real way to make money blogging is with a list!

Despite what you may think about email, people do still use it and use it OFTEN to buy things.

Create a strong email list, and you will create a growing asset that you can continue to bank on until the day you retire.

How to I start?

Great question. There are really two ways you can begin.

The first thing you will need to do is sign up for an email service. Mailchimp is a great way to start.

We now use ConvertKit for our email marketing. They do not have a free account, but their automations and features are much more robust than Mailchimp.
See our full review here: https://createandgo.co/convertkit-review/

Either service is fine to start with, and you really can’t go wrong. If you want a free service until you get your first 2,000 subs – Mailchimp is for you.

If you want an email service that is powerful, reliable, and robust (or don’t want to deal with switching over to a better email service after 2,000 subs)– ConvertKit is worth it.

So you’ve selected your email marketing service. Now…

How do you get people to sign up?

There are a few different ways, but one of the easiest is embedding a signup form into your current articles. You can simply link the sign up form into your posts.

So somewhere in the post, you can say “Want more awesome stuff from me? Check out this link here to get on my list and get free blogging tips from me!”

You can also embed the form directly into the articles you create.

Okay, but how do you get people to actually give their email up?

The fast and easy way to do this is to give them something in return for signing up. This email you’re getting is a perfect example.

You signed up for our list because you wanted access to this free 7-day ecourse.

Prepare yourself for success. The earlier you start collecting email addresses, the better off your business will be!

The only email marketing service that we use and recommend: https://createandgo.co/convertkit-review/

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