Buying and Selling my car for Profit.

How to buy a used car, drive it for a year or so, take car of its condition and still make some profit on it at the end.

Sounds too good to be true? It might when you consider that the average car driver will buy a car and lose money on the vehicle within the first 90 days of buying it. Usually when the warranty or parts and labor guarantee has expired and the owner if fully liable for any future repair bills.

However, we have developed a system that allows you to buy a second hand car, petrol or diesel and not lose a penny.

But it does depend on the type, make and model of car you purchase.

For example if you buy yourself a Kia Sportage for example you are going to find it difficult to get your money back unless you pay a rock bottom price.

But there are cars that hold their value extremely well.

Let’s take the Volkswagen Golf Diesel 6 Speed. Buy one of these at a reasonable price and you have every chance of selling my car for more than what you paid for it.


But if you by from a car dealership you won’t see your cash back. You need to be wise and buy a car privately via autotrader. The biggest platform for buying and selling is Auto Trader. There are bargains available.


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